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Chalk Strength by Simon Bungate

Feb 24, 2019

One of the true positive fitness influencers Alexa Towersey talks about all things fitness and i mean all things fitness, we cover if females should lift heavy weights, How to build the booty, How to be a great PT, Charity Presenting, Changing Lives and her Personal Story of Discovery.

Simon "Chalk" Bungate

Feb 17, 2019

In this episode we talk to DR Vinesh Singh of NEWAVE medical

Discussing gut health what causes, what contributes and what can help.

I personally went through a huge process to improve my poor gut health last year and i now know the importance of looking after your gut health especially if you want to...

Feb 10, 2019

So excited to chat to Carl Paoli. Maybe even a little nervous as i really dig the content this guy puts out there, i have not followed him for long but i feel a real connection to the way he goes about his business. Come check him...

Feb 3, 2019

Travis Jones has gone all in on building gyms!

Currently sitting at 21, the goal is 50!

He chat in this podcast about how he has grown it this far and how he plans on growing it to 50. He has also started a business coaching and media company to help other gyms hit their targets.