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Chalk Strength by Simon Bungate

Mar 28, 2018

Daine McDonald director of Clean Health had a big influence on my career. Post going to a Charles Poliquin seminar i realised i needed to know more about his methodologies and Daine without a doubt was the top poliquin trainer in Australia so i had to find the fastest way to learn what he knows. I signed up for personal training with Daine.

He taught me another level of PT that was over the top obsessive with obtaining results for clients. Client assessment, lifestyle, nutrition, training and supplementation.

Daine Tells so many lessons in covering his career thus far, I have made a list as there is so much great information in this podcast.

Lessons in how to be the best Personal Trainer in Australia.

Lessons learnt from Charles Poliquin

Social Media advice

Sticking to your niche

Training fitness models like Lauren Simpson

Starting a PT business

Opening Clean Health

Business mistakes and lessons

Staff mistakes and lessons

Running Internships / Certifications

New Pts requiring basics

All This and much more!