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Chalk Strength by Simon Bungate

Mar 7, 2018

These 4 leadership skills have helped me go from frustrated with staff to loving and looking forward to every day. Get these right and your business will grow exponentially.

  • Empathy

It’s not an easy job to do well, it can be draining, it can involve failing and it can involve great wins

To put myself in their shoes and really understand how they see something which causes their action.


  • Processes

We only can control our actions, we can’t always control the outcomes.

Concentrating on outcomes can handcuff us and stop us from reaching our full potential.

We concentrate on our processes and we are accountable to our people - Numbers have been a focus for us this year but i know if we concentrate on process and people we will be successful.


  • Conditions and culture

Leaving fulfilled, safe and satisfied

Examples stories - wedding protection parents hand their kids over to the company

Being a leader is like being a parent it is s learning process where you need to feel safe.



  • Critical and supportive.

We have a big emphasis on giving each other constructive criticism. We started with positive support.

I want my team to be successful, i want it to be with me but if its not i know they will kill it!